Buried, Unforgotten, Unforgiven

Growing up has been a difficult process and while I am still dealing with multiple heart breaks at the rate of minimum 3 per day, i have realized that this was inevitable. I may have been a dreamy little kid always hiding in corners, or under some tree, or talking alone while riding a bike,…

Where does the Fairy Tale end and where does Reality begin?

“You live in a fairy tale, you need to snap out of it” Everyone always said that, year after year, until I realized that this statement became my reality. My reality was that I lived in a Fairy Tale and I till date cannot differentiate between the two. Childhood was a fascinating time for me….

Things 2018 Taught ME

2018 started with a sad New Year Eve. Nobody came together to celebrate. Everyone kept discussing until the last hour and nobody could decide where they wanted to be at the stroke of midnight. I should have known back then, 2018 was going to be Not-Just-Another-Year. With many things that happened in 2018 I may…


Addictions of the mind, Your sweet words like wine to my thirst, Your lies like bread to my famine. Addictions of the body, Your nail marks on my skin, Your teeth still lingering on my throat.

Writing is my Therapy..

Please drop by on my Instagram page for more of my work. https://www.instagram.com/p/BbkFOw1nmgq/ I have my wordpress blog still under progress but I can’t stop writing and I mostly upload my work in writing and Photography on Instagram.. Hope you guys have an amazing day. Love, Reine xo

Order In Chaos

While we forever can sit and wonder if we are the only life in this Universe there are thousands and millions of emotions, feelings, thoughts, smiles, tears, worries, concerns, prayers, fights, suicides, deaths and births happening every single second on this planet that seems to be by far the only one to have intelligent life….


  Love isn’t always roses and lilies, It’s mostly Lotuses growing in the dirtiest muddiest ugliest ponds and lakes, In dingy rooms, empty corridors, Broken walls, shattered mirrors, Rotting graves, silent screams and screaming silences, laughing lips and drowning eyes, smeared lipsticks, bruised cheeks, blue black patterns on ribs and thighs.. Love grows even where…


​To feel nothing..  One fine morning it was and I felt nothing, like all the dew had evaporated, slowly off my eyes! The warmth had given up to the chill of my nerves, I woke up with freezing hands and purple blue nails, twitching toes and cold tears soaking my pillow! And all those dreams…

You Poor Soul

You, my love, Have seen too much since you were the size of a coin, Have borne too much noise that drowned your chime, Boy, you have seen too much senseless crime, You’re surrounded by too many senseless people, They will make you darker and feeble.   You, my strawberry sweetheart, have lost all faith,…


It should remember, The salty sweet fluid I floated in when in the cocoon inside my mother, The bland nutrition of her milk, The potion that grew me to strength, That eased down my throat like silk.   It should remember the first time it felt the chill of an icecream, The heat of a…