​To feel nothing.. 

One fine morning it was and I felt nothing,

like all the dew had evaporated,

slowly off my eyes!

The warmth had given up to the chill of my nerves,

I woke up with freezing hands and purple blue nails,

twitching toes and cold tears soaking my pillow!
And all those dreams and fantasies,

I left behind wrapped in my blanket,

where I feel they are supposed to be,

carrying them around has only made me tired,

weary of carrying them in my already torn heart,

from where droplets and snippets of my dreams and fantasies are dropping out,

poisoning my veins,

turning me warm for a few days,

and now when almost all of it has leaked into my bloodstream it has started mixing my reality into my dreams,

causing the chaos in my head while I am asleep..

I am better off alone,

devoid of this,

but how strong will I need to be,

to cut open my veins,

let the blood, dreams and poison leave my body!! 
-reine f


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