Order In Chaos

While we forever can sit and wonder if we are the only life in this Universe there are thousands and millions of emotions, feelings, thoughts, smiles, tears, worries, concerns, prayers, fights, suicides, deaths and births happening every single second on this planet that seems to be by far the only one to have intelligent life.

I, however want to know if we are really the intelligent life here? Are we even mentally illumined enough to know if we are living on our terms, really, or are we being governed, mentally, manipulated by a higher authority, someone, something out there beyond our comprehension but right under these skies and over this land that controls us. A power that feeds off of our energies and chaos.

I did not understand how there is unequal distribution of knowledge, because eventually it is the total amount of knowledge in you that measures your rank in society but some have access to it, some have enough time to acquire knowledge, some have the will, some have the skill and some have everything but no resources. As if there is some power above us that decides to keep it this way so that there is unequal distribution of knowledge, there are divisions among people. The Geniuses, The Smart, The Rich, The Poor etc.

In all of this chaos is the balance that has been maintained. It saves us from worrying too much about what is beyond us for it keeps us occupied with the chaos in and around us. It is like a song, a perfect symphony made of highs and lows, lulling us into trance so that we do not wake up to question.

A perfect symphony. Do you hear it too or is it just me?


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