You Poor Soul

You, my love,

Have seen too much since you were the size of a coin,

Have borne too much noise that drowned your chime,

Boy, you have seen too much senseless crime,

You’re surrounded by too many senseless people,

They will make you darker and feeble.


You, my strawberry sweetheart, have lost all faith,

In humanity and love,

Have closed all gates,

For things from here and above,

I feel sorry for you,

That you can never feel the beauty of pure joy anymore,

That you won’t know the ecstasy of loving another like I do,

That you won’t be feeling the surging joy of seeing the smile you can spread.

I feel sorry and pained to see something as beautiful as your heart,

Will not know the profound happiness of trusting blindly,

The deep sorrows of betrayals have turned you cold to the warm hugs of my arms.


You, my poor little soul,

I feel sorry for you,

That you lost a love like mine,

That you’ll never know what you are capable of inside,

That you will never see the concept of twin flames,

And burn with the glow of LOVE.


You, my poor little soul,

I feel sorry,

That now I let you go,

Because I’ve finally realized,

That you won’t cross the bridge for me,

You, broken baby are way more damaged than I could ever be.






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  1. Hy, love it so mutch, sorry my englisch is bad 🙂 and your insta profile is also supercute 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awww thank you so much.i just happened to check your comment now and i am very glad to have read it. You made my day 🙂


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