zombie-wallpaper-1Nightmares waking me up

and I am screaming drenched in tears..

But when I wake up my cheeks are dry and I smile I do the regular brush my teeth and grab a coffee and ponder on my nightmares for a while.

I count them in my sleep
1, 2, 3, 4…..200, 234….
they scream in my dream
I try talking to the walls
because there is where they hide
I try to kill them of brain freeze with freezing ice cream.
They have faces

Emotions…dey are Emotions
Love Hunger Fear Anger Jealousy Lust
Normally m a human
I govern dem
But they’ve come alive in me from the very dust.When I am angry,
my eyes shine red in the mirror
They drug me like my personalized pharma
They dance on my head
They leap in my heart
and they say there is nothing called Karma.And in the night
I hug them and they hug me back
And I close my eyes
And I make sure to count all of them till I crack.
Counting sheep is for sweetdreams
I have nightmares to drown
Demons of my OWN.


                                                                                          –REINE FURTADO


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