Why should I care??

Why should I care??

If anybody feels bad for the words I say,

Feels sick by the way I talk,

Feels pathetic at the attitude I throw?


Why should I care?

If their hearts break,

If their hearts shatter to pieces,

If they choke on my conversation and burn under my hatred.


And who are these people to me anyways,

When family can betray and when lovers can walk away,

When friends can depart and leave me alone to cry,

When everybody has always thought of themselves and nobody else,

Then why should I care for anybody apart from me?


Why should I feel sad for making you feel like Sh*t?

Why should I care if you feel that I am heartless?

Why should it matter if I disappear without telling you my whereabouts?

I have grown immune to tears, to mine and to others.


Why should I be bothered about what’s wrong in your life?

Why should I be worried of what you eat and drink due to your circumstances?

How does it matter to me anymore?

Now that my heart is sore.


I won’t apologize for being harsh, for the words that flow,

Out of my mouth like an arrow from the bow,

Why should I care if your emotions bleed to death?

Because you weren’t around when I was on the low.


New people, new lovers, new friends, new avenues,

New places, new faces, new betrayals and new news,

But what’s new for al,l is the new me and the new soul,

And no matter how much you search there is nowhere you’ll find the old.


  • Reine Furtado




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