Its Oready Morning

IMG20160419182205What surprises me??
The fact that I saw d rising sun and did not smile at it?
The flock of birds flew and it did not make me feel any different?
The smell of freshly toasted bread wafted the wind and it did not fill my senses..?

What surprises me?
That through my journey on the bus this morning I did not close my eyes to wander in pain?
That I did not listen to an emotional song and think life is so low?
That I had no money in my wallet n it did not make me think how I’ll manage my expenses?

What surprises me?
That I passed through all the lanes which should remind me of memories made but I was oblivious?
That I saw dew kissed trees and ponds and did not feel warm at the arrival of winter?
That I was heading home and did not look forward to a sugar dreams sleep?

No!! What surprises me is the fact that I kept my eyes open and saw this morning
And I knew it was morning
I knew the night had passed
The dark isn’t gloomy nor the morning bright anymore
That the smile has left the dead eyes and yet there’s no tear on my cheek..
What surprises me is that I knew ‘IT WAS MORNING’
The wait for it was long over..the hope for a morning was long dead..

-Reine Furtado


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