Manipulation and Mercy

I have been always the kind who has never understood if the World we live in is real or we are all a part of an emotional experiment. There is so much inside this tiny little brain that its beyond comprehension most of the times. Throughout my time on this Earth I have been “The girl who is forever in the state of Wonder”.

I am 26 now and I still wonder. There is one thing that’s an established notion in my mind now. People only understand through their level of understanding. Yet there is so much more that can be felt, understood. We live in a world with eyes wide open but only to see what we want to see. We live with ears keen to hear but only what we want to hear. We live with lips ready to speak but only with people we want to talk to. Selfishness has made house in our personalities. Insecurities are growing like parasitic weeds around our naive hearts. So what then happens to the 0.01% minuscule number of people who do not fall into this trap?  People who still have wondrous eyes looking, awaiting to experience the unknown each day, open ears ready to hear something brand new and thought provoking and lips ready to kiss the unpredictable.

Such are the souls who go through the toughest times here. They fall under manipulation and at the mercy of others. They get judged for things they do not do, they get blamed for things they are not even aware they did, they get subjected to humiliation each day until their self respect is sold in an open market and their bleeding hearts turn to stone. It’s breaking the notion of whatever little is left of HUMANITY. We need an anchor now more then ever before. We need something, anything that can anchor our emotions to our soul before the winds of manipulation strangles the love hiding under our skin and flesh. This generation has already lost a lot of things. We have lost several species of animals and birds, several towns and cities, numerous happy emotions, multiple traits like love, forgiveness, care and hope. Beyond all this,this generation has lost a very big ability. The ability to TRUST. We trust no one, nothing. Not in ourselves nor in the Gods, not in the Stars and not in the Unknown Higher Powers.

Manipulation will prevail until Trust makes an immensely strong comeback. Till then lets hope to find the few souls who have the blind eyes who can trust without seeing and love without expecting, speak without thinking and manipulating and lets keep them close and safe before they go extinct just like everything beautiful which is now obsolete.


— Excerpts Of My Wonder




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  1. Stuti I. says:

    You speak my mind and many mores. I’m impressed at how you have summed up everything I wanted to say so well, I’m glad it’s somebody I personally know & can always fall back on for a voice to shake the walls of the universe & beyond.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i love you so much Stuti. You are my beautiful person.


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