Wounds and Smiles

IMG_20160325_160243.jpgTumbling down the slopes of your slippery lies,

I fell head first into the lethal pit of eternal Love,

The kind that controls every spasm of the muscles of my heart,

The kind that twitches every vein under my skin,

The kind that burnt my windpipe every time I breathed in a new excuse for ignorance,

Ignorance isn’t Bliss always.


First I scraped the skin on my flesh with the cross course tongue of the Tiger,

My Tiger, devouring every inch of emotion he could feed on.

Next, I lost my spine,

Shattered, Bent and Broken, yet smiling I stood humble by his side,

I stayed loyal as I had decided.

Then, I ripped my flesh off to shreds, with each passing day,

shreds of flesh that I fed myself for dinner each night,

shreds of flesh like cold cuts, premium cuts.

Last, I slit my artery, bleeding like a sheep,

offered on the altar as sacrifice,

offered out of devotion, offered under affection,

I writhed as involuntarily until the last drop of Red oozed out of my body.


Ya all these were metaphors, the only kinds that could put my Love into words,

And I am currently trying to mitigate my losses,

Metaphorically, trying to bandage my bleeding wounds,

And the bandages sink inside my wounds, burning whatever is left in the name of Life,

The Burning Bandages wiping off any trace of emotion,

The gag ball muting any scream of despair,

The Smile deceiving anyone ever after.


– Reine Furtado


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